The Truth about Testing React Apps

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tl;dr: The Chart ™ This chart is a summary of my approach to testing React apps. Component/Hook Utility Feature Browser Purpose Encourages good design Virually free. Just Do It ™ ! Show your app probably works Prove your app actually works Execution Speed Lightning fast Lightning fast Fast Slow (Like, wayyyy slow) Confidence Low Low Medium Very High Quantity Basically 100% coverage Literally 100% coverage All features in medium detail Mission critical + happy path only My Tool(s) of Choice…

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Learning to "See the Boxes"

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The twitter debate about "should designers code?" is meme-worthy topic, but I'd like to bring the discourse somewhere back to the middle. I believe that designers should understand the structure of the elements on the page, but not necessarily understand the details for how they get there. I believe the main skill in this is learning to "see the boxes". What I mean by this is to be able to look at a design and imagine all the elements inside of containing boxes. This fundamental skill can help…

Reusability in React through Composition

3 minutes to read
Best Practices

I recently identified a common anti-pattern that plagues a lot of React code. This pattern starts off as innocent, as many anti-patterns do. This pattern seems like the simplest solution to the problem at hand but leads to the death of reusability by one-thousand paper-cuts. This pattern is props . Now before you get out the pitchforks, hear me out. Props are one of the handful of tools we have on our React tool-belt for passing around data. It is often taught that props are the way to get data…

Site Revamp with Chakra and Gatsby

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Chakra UI

Introducing my new personal site built using Chakra UI and Gatsby ! Background The last personal website I created was done in a mad rush right before applying for jobs. It was my senior year of college and I wanted to get something out the door. I have since outgrown what that site can offer. Motivation I am interested in writing more frequently and therefore I need more of a publication tool. Since I already use React at work, and have been spending a lot of time learning Chakra UI, Gatsby…


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I'm Adrian Aleixandre, an engineer and designer in Fargo, ND. Right now I'm working at Simon Data.

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I am passionate about building UX-research backed products in autonomous cross-functional teams.

My favorite technical tools are React, Elm, Clojure, and Elixir. I make home-made ice cream often with neat flavors like "Toast", and "Coffee Stout".

Drop me a line at or on Twitter @_aaleixandre

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